Sunshine Room


Sunshine Room- Early Learners

We are very pleased that we can offer provision for 2-year olds who are eligible for government funding. This allows children to make an early start on their education and prepare for their time in nursery.

Our data shows that the children who were entitled to, and used the 2-year funding at Sandy Lane Nursery and Forest School last year made significant progress across all areas of learning and development.

With smaller ratios and a full staff team to support the 2-year olds, we ensure that all of the children have the support they need for a smooth, happy transition as they begin their journey here with us. It is crucial that the children feel safe, secure and happy in order for them to learn. We know our children and families very well and work with the parents to meet their child’s needs, whether it be with potty training, taking away the dummy, or anything else.

There is an expectation for our funding that all 2-year olds attend a minimum of 85% of their possible sessions.


“The quality of the provision for two-year-olds is marvellous…. The dedicated room
is bright, attractive and calm. These very young children use the resources
confidently. They take delight in climbing, driving the car, scooping the sand,
pouring water and making bubbles. Staff working with this younger group of
children have a deep knowledge of child development”- Ofsted 2017

We have recently opened ‘Sunshine Room’ as an official room, specially designed for two year olds. Here are some of the comments from the parents:

“The new room is fab! Freya has settled in well with the new children and still loves coming to nursery”

“Looks like a lot of fun! Ellis loves coming to nursery! Nothing I can see to make it better!”

“It is much better organised, a bigger space and much calmer. She has settled in brilliantly after the summer holidays, keep doing what you’re doing”

“Freddie absolutely loves his class and especially his teachers”

“Lovely room. Lola has settled in really well and she’s doing fab”


Once upon a time, in February, something amazing happened! This white stuff was floating about outside! We managed to catch some, and it was so cold and wet, but then it quickly disappeared in our hands, we put our tongues out to try to taste it, and we looked closely at the bits that had fallen on the ground. It was a little bit like rain, a little bit like cotton wool, we decided it was snow, it was magical! Where is it coming from, we wondered… Someone thought it was coming from the ground, someone thought it was coming from the shed…After lots of observing, we worked out that it comes from the sky! Keely said that if there was more snow, we could build a snowman, like Olaf from Frozen! What must it be like to play in lots of snow? We went on a ride on the minibus to Chill Factore, we got wrapped up very warm in special boots and gloves and explored the real snow!


 We have been talking about Halloween and the things we do to celebrate it, such as getting dressed up and carving pumpkins. “What’s pumpkin?” one of the children asked… and so our adventure began. Although we have our very own pumpkins that we grew in nursery, we took a group of children and parents to Kenyon Hall Farm to pick some more. We looked at the different colours, shapes and sizes; there were hundreds! When we came back to nursery we explored everything about them, we look at the skin, open it up and scoop out the seeds. It smells delicious! We also made pumpkin soup using all different utensils, talked about keeping safe with the tools and being healthy. We did observational drawings of the pumpkins, and lastly, we made a face on them ready to carve. Happy Halloween!

“it all slimy”

“smells like potatoes”









Our Early Learners and their parents visited the Cheshire Ice Cream Farm! We had so much fun visiting the animals, getting soaking wet in the Honeycomb Canyon, playing on the diggers, and exploring the outdoor area! Then we all had lunch together and a delicious ice-cream, before getting on the big coach to bring us all back to nursery! What a busy day!