What we are doing in Forest School



Autumn 2017

During this term, we have been talking about our special rules at Forest School, we have focused on staying safe around the campfire and hope to start cooking on the fire after the half term holidays.

The children have noticed that the leaves are falling off the trees, and have learned that it is now Autumn! The children’s interest has continued in looking after the birds that visit Robin Wood. The children have been making sure that the bird feeders are kept full and watching the birds fly down for food.

The ditch is as popular as ever and the children have explored different ways of getting across. It has been lovely to watch the children help each other and gain more confidence. Lots of delicious chocolate cakes, stews and soups have been made.

We have looked closely at the mini-beasts that live in our woods. We have talked about how they move, what they like to eat, and where they live.


Spring 2017

During this term, the children have been really busy in Robin Wood.

The children are becoming really skilled in identifying the different birds that visit Robin Wood and we have talked about how we can help to look after them. We built a bird feeder station and regularly fill the bird feeders with seeds for them to eat. We also made fat balls and hung them in the bushes. This interest has grown and grown, leading a group of children to build their very own bird hide. There is always someone sat in the hide with a pair of binoculars, waiting for the birds to fly down for food!

The children have a really good understanding of our special rules in Robin Wood. We have focused particularly on safety around the campfire, whilst cooking toast and toasting marshmallows on the fire.

Our mud ditch has been really popular and the children have explored different ways to cross the ditch, including making their own bridges from ropes or branches.


In the mud kitchen, we have been making “chocolate soup”, “pine cone stew”, “enormous cakes” and “tiny cupcakes for the fairies in the fairy garden”.


More and more children are becoming aware of the changes happening in Robin Wood, with new leaves and blossom appearing on our bushes.

Hooray! Spring is here!