Sandy Lane Nursery and Forest School

Pumpkins- October 2017

In Garden Room the children have been exploring pumpkins for Halloween. We have grown and picked our own pumpkins in our nursery garden. We wondered what was inside the pumpkins? We cut one open to find out. The children talked about what it felt like and what it smelt like. The children said it was “cold”, “wet” and “slimy”.

Then it was time to carve! Some of the children had carved pumpkins at home so were able to tell the other children what we needed to do and give some simple instructions. Under the guidance of a member of staff the children scooped out the inside of the pumpkin, drew on pumpkin faces and then used some tools to cut out the shapes they had drawn.

Later in the session the children shared their carved pumpkin with all of their friends and looked at the pumpkin all lit up using a dark room and a tea light. They were so excited! what fabulous pumpkins they were.

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